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April 29, 2016

JULY 2016*



July 15th // Basement Revolutionaries // CineCycle

Curated by Amber Christensen and Clint Enns

Turn On, Plug In, Opt Out. Sometimes we all just need to hide away from the rest of the world. Does the bomb have to drop in order to imagine the end of Capitalism? Or is your parent’s basement the only safe place left? The mall is nothing but corporate logos and ERRORs, and while hair plugs might offer a temporary solution, what happens when even those fall out? When covert operatives become collateral damage, what’s left except for existential crises and poker? When cultural imperialism distorts our past and the same tiresome misrepresentations reinforce themselves are the only real choices Karl May’s “das Halbblut Apanatschi,” Virtual Fighter’s “Wolf Hatfield” or VR pr0nography? Cataclysm has arrived, are you prepared?

Films With Friends (JPEG)


July 16th // Films With Friends // The Tenant

The Parkdale Film + Video Showcase open screening  ‘Films with Friends’ is happening on July 16th at The Tenant. This non-juried showcase is co-presented by Toronto Open Screenings with support from Making Room. We’re really excited to have the opportunity to see everyone’s work in this amazing community space! Thanks to our sponsors we’ll also be doing a raffle with prizes from Parkdale businesses and community organizations. There’s no cost for admission but we’ll be accepting donations for future programming.

Doors and sign up starts at 6pm, it’ll be first come first shown so get there early to make sure your work can be included. The screening will start at 7pm and we’ll have a fun dance party after with Toronto DJ Michael Kushnir. To learn more about the event and get updates and reminders RSVP to our Facebook event and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Read more here.


unspecifiedJuly 17th // Pleasure Dome – Mike Cartmell: Disasterologies // Monarch Tavern

Mike began making Super 8 films in the 1970s, made a quartet of movies around Melville in the 80s, completed an hour-long accompaniment to experimentalist American poet Susan Howe in the 90s, and worked for years on Shipwreck Theory, a multi-part vortex of translations and adaptations. The evening will be hosted by one of the many who considered Mike their best friend: Alan Zweig, who will tell tales and share never-seen-before Mike outtakes from his seminal movies Vinyl and I,Curmudgeon. Mike’s handsome new book Disasterologies, a collection of his essays and writings published by the Canadian Film Institute, will be available free to all comers.


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