March 19, 2013

When/where is the Parkdale Film & Video Showcase?

Late summer/early fall at various venues across Parkdale. 

– Submissions –

When is your submissions deadline?

The 2016 call for submissions is now closed. The deadline for submissions was June 10, 2016

How do I submit my film or video?

Click here to submit your work for consideration. For more information email: programming@parkdaleshowcase.ca // Subject: 2016 submissions

Why do you require an online preview to submit?

It saves everyone’s money, time and resources. It is also more environmentally friendly. Did you know DVDs can not be recycled? It’s true. The City of Toronto recycling program cannot process discs.

Do you accept “physical” previews?

If you have no way of uploading your preview to the web, please contact us for alternate arrangements. Contact programming@parkdaleshowcase.ca for more details if you have special requirements.

Do I have to make my online preview public?

No! On the Vimeo site, you can go to “Privacy” under “Video Settings” (while your video is uploading) and add a password. Be sure to give that password to us with your submission.

I have an installation that I’d like the PFVS selection committee to consider, do I still have to provide a Vimeo link?

If you can provide us with video documentation of your installation, via online preview, we would be thrilled! Otherwise, please provide an description of your intent and a link to some installation sketches and/or photographs to help us envision your project.

My video is too large to upload or is taking to long to upload. What can I do?

Use Compressor or MPEG streamclip to reduce its size! BTW, MPEG streamclip is free!
MPEG stream clip download: http://www.squared5.com/

Video tutorial to help you use MPEG: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wmwm6l6Q488
Vimeo specifications: https://vimeo.com/help/compression

After compressing your video, it is always a good idea to watch it from start to finish in case any glitches occurred.

Please refer all other questions with regard to submissions to:

If you have a general question about the Showcase, please contact: