July 12, 2015

Formerly known as REHAB: Parkdale Film + Video Showcase, this annual festival began in 1999 and is continuing into 2015.

The people that run this festival are a group of community-based Parkdale-engaged artists, curators and arts administrators who work with each other, community groups and community partners to organize and promote the many film and video artists who live, work, and seek to promote the Village of Parkdale through an annual summer festival, the Parkdale Film + Video Showcase.

Past contributors to the Parkdale Film & Video Festival (and REHAB) 1999-2014:

Candice Napoleone, Sarah Anne Watson, Nadia Halim, Janine Fung, Carolynne Hew, Chris Romeike, Karyn Sandlos, Beth Easton, Christina Battle, Michèle Stanley, Andrew Fedosov, Deanna Bowen, Paul Baines, Adam Segal, Shannon Cochrane, Christina Zeidler, Allyson Mitchell, Deirdre Logue, Elizabeth Underhill, Laura Paolini, Emily Gove, David Frankovich, Carly Whitefield, Anna May Henry, Carolyn Tripp and Rebecca Gruihn.