January 9, 2015

PFVS 2016

Close to Home – September 16, 2016

Photo Gallery – Photos courtesy of Evan Bergstra

PFVS Sept2016-052   PFVS Sept2016-051   PFVS Sept2016-050   PFVS Sept2016-049   PFVS Sept2016-048   PFVS Sept2016-047   PFVS Sept2016-046   PFVS Sept2016-045   PFVS Sept2016-044   PFVS Sept2016-043   PFVS Sept2016-042   PFVS Sept2016-041   PFVS Sept2016-040   PFVS Sept2016-039   PFVS Sept2016-038   PFVS Sept2016-036   PFVS Sept2016-035   PFVS Sept2016-034   PFVS Sept2016-033   PFVS Sept2016-032 PFVS Sept2016-031  PFVS Sept2016-030  PFVS Sept2016-029  PFVS Sept2016-028  PFVS Sept2016-027  PFVS Sept2016-026  PFVS Sept2016-025  PFVS Sept2016-024  PFVS Sept2016-023  PFVS Sept2016-022  PFVS Sept2016-021  PFVS Sept2016-020  PFVS Sept2016-019  PFVS Sept2016-018  PFVS Sept2016-017  PFVS Sept2016-016  PFVS Sept2016-015  PFVS Sept2016-014  PFVS Sept2016-013  PFVS Sept2016-011 PFVS Sept2016-010 PFVS Sept2016-009 PFVS Sept2016-008 PFVS Sept2016-007 PFVS Sept2016-006 PFVS Sept2016-005 PFVS Sept2016-004 PFVS Sept2016-003 PFVS Sept2016-002 PFVS Sept2016-001

PFVS 2015

Photo Gallery

IMG_20150814_195239 IMG_20150814_195534 IMG_20150814_200006 IMG_20150814_211605 IMG_20150815_211228 IMG_20150815_211232 IMG_20150815_212541 IMG_20150815_221419 IMG_20150815_221415 IMG_20150815_221017 IMG_20150815_220945 IMG_20150815_213031 IMG_20150815_213419 IMG_20150815_214646 IMG_20150815_214652 IMG_20150815_214654 IMG_20150815_214701 pfvs cover program main poster 11 x17-2 IMG_20150815_224915 IMG_20150815_224557 IMG_20150815_224516 IMG_20150815_224510 IMG_20150815_222853 IMG_20150815_222151 IMG_20150815_221625


PFVS 2014

Photo Gallery

Marita Engels speaks to crowd 2014 jon sasaki lo res 002 jon sasaki lo res 001 Jon Sasaki CD 2014 PFVS 001 10603610_831948246816632_7070075573177387867_n 10511114_831954513482672_6679694510882727817_n 10429418_893762523968537_7005416220896887851_n 007 Cheryl Rondeau Border Studies Parkdale 006 Damien Zielinski Christina Ricci Great Hawk Owl 2014 005 Zoe Alexis Abrams Persephones Theatre of Womanhood 004 Nichola FKiss P&L installation view 2014 003 Nichola FKiss The Sisters installation 2014 002 Chris Heller 18.18 installation 2014 001 Jason Doell The Big Step w Dieter Engels 2014-1958


PFVS 2014

Promotion, 2014